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Services Offered
A.Written Compliance Program Based on the risk assessment/gap analysis required by the HIPAA Rule.

  • Gap Analysis/Risk Assessment: Based on the OCR HIPAA audit protocol which contains 170 audit areas (including 79              Security Rule, 10 Breach Notification Rule and 80 Privacy Rule provisions). Done on site.
  • Fraud and Abuse: Incorporating the seven elements of compliance as developed and published by the OIG for the Individual           and Small Group Physician Practices.
  • Laws Pertaining to False Claims and Fraudulent Billing:
  • Criminal and Civil Statutes, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Civil Monetary Penalties Law, Exclusions from Participation from              Medicare and other Federal Health Care funded programs, State Laws
  •      HIPAA: Incorporating Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Plan.
  •      The Privacy Standards (45 CFR 160,162 and 164)
  • The Security Rule (45 CFR 160,162 and 164):
  •      The Breach Notification Rule (Modification to 45 CFR 160 and 164):
  •       OSHA: Including Hazardous Communication Standard updates (mandated staff education to be provided by Dec 2013)

B.Evaluation and Management Services (E&M) Auditing/Education: according to the time frame and intervals set              forth by the practice in its Compliance Plan.

C.Staff/Physician Education: as identified by gap analysis/risk assessment and Office Manager/Physician input

D.Policies and Procedures: as they relate to all of the above.